Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome to Kranti-Krantikari!!!!



    While I may agree that one should not disturb neighbours, even with prayers, I find it an abuse on the part of the Police to act as it did in the St Paul Kalimaye affair. There are more civilised ways to do so.
    A meeting with the leaders of the temple should have helped.
    What I do hope, Police acts with the same vigour for common citizens who are disturbed by noise pollution!

  2. How did you find the performance of Manoj Ujoodha, Air Mauritius CEO on the financial results of MK? If my situation would have allowed I would have thrown my MBCTV out. As comment, he invents the wheel by saying 'if the economic and financial situation in the world get better, our company will do well' But even the child knows that. questions that neede to be asked are - how long will your "plan de redressement" take? eternally? What each so-called reform has saved? How much per month is Khemil Gobin costing MK? Is it Rs125000 pm? How much is Dan Bundhoo costing MK? is it Rs85000 pm? What is the result of the 121 initiatives? loss of Rs3.9 billions?

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